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 Ground Rules

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Wolfpack Six

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PostSubject: Ground Rules   Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:12 pm

Here are the Ground Rules of the Realm:

1.  No fighting — i.e., no Player versus Player or “PvP”.  Pixelgard is meant to be a friendly, cooperative Realm.
2.  No stealing another player’s things.  If you need something that you don’t have, then either make it yourself or ask another player for what you need and see if you can work something out.
3.  No building on, under, or over another player’s land.  Respect each other's territory.
4.  No taking down another player’s buildings or other nonbuilding structures.
5.  No “griefing” or “trolling” otherwise.

Here are some other items:

6.  Pixelgard is intended to be a traditional, family-friendly Realm.  We especially favor players who join with family-members, but joining with family is not required.
7.  New players are welcome to stay at the Inn at the “spawn settlement”.  If you are staying in a room, please put a sign over the door with your in-game name (IGN) on it.  Please feel free to help yourself to any food, gear, or other items in the chests behind the counter at the Inn upon joining the Realm.  Those things are intended for new players.
8.  All players will be granted a village and/or biome of their choice upon joining the Realm.  The intent behind that policy is to settle members in dispersed areas where they can develop their own settlements, with the ultimate goal of linking up all player-populated settlements by road, rail, and/or nether portals.  New players will be given their choice of horse or donkey in order to help them return to the “spawn settlement”.
9.  The “spawn settlement” is intended to be a central location that features a marketplace to encourage players to return to one location and interact in-game.
10.  Pixelgard is predominantly a “Survival” Realm.  The admin and operators reserve the right to use Creative mode at their discretion.

If you have any questions, please ask RedWolf15 or Wolfpack Six.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!
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Ground Rules
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