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 Stronghold Found!

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Wolfpack Six

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PostSubject: Stronghold Found!   Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:12 pm

Greetings everyone,

Today, RedWolf15 found a Stronghold at location X=-140, Z=-1459.

The stronghold happens to be in EmberWo1f's area, which raises the question of access to the Stronghold as well as what to do with anything found inside of it.

So, here are a few guidelines that I'd like to set forth to maintain general access to the Stronghold while respecting the fact that it's in a player's biome:

1.  Every member of the Realm may enjoy access to any Stronghold found for the purpose of using the End Portal found therein.

2.  Any items found within the Stronghold are the property of the Player (the "landlord") who owns the biome in which the Stronghold is found.  So, for example, in this particular Stronghold, there are bookshelves, oak fences, and oak planks.  This items are Emberwo1f's to use or to give away at his option.  No other player may take those items.

3.  A Stronghold counts as a player's building, meaning that no one may tear it down or alter it without the landlord's permission.

4.  To clearly mark the location of the Stronghold, a 5x5 hut was built over the entrance.  Please consider this hut the property of Wolfpack_Six -- i.e., please do not alter this building.  There is a chest in it that may be used as temporary storage for any player going down into the Stronghold.

If you have any questions, please ask.


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Stronghold Found!
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